It is good. It helps so much when I’m in pain. I’m honestly amazed at how far my arm has come in only 4 weeks! I’m almost back to my full range and even split a trailer load of jarrah firewood on my own on Saturday


Worst broken elbow her doctors had ever seen

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Brian Hyland


I am a technology geek, computer technician and healer. I have been interested in the alternative fields all of my life. I have done 4 Massage courses and 2 Reiki courses. 

I built this technology by researching and watching documentaries on mainstream sciences first, then alternative sciences next, until finally I listened to interviews on everyone who said that they had come into contact with high strangeness events either in technology or consciousness forms.

I have dedicated my life to helping others.

"The most powerful thing that a man can realise is that if I don't like the way the world is, I can change it!" Steve Jobs



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